Debt Exclusion, a make or break decision??.. (Town is Busy with meetings this week coming up)

Is it possible? According to the report stated by the Board of Selectmen; the “Public Information meeting” that happened tonight (4/19/2018), Hardwick could go into receivership within the next two to three years if we don’t start working towards getting ourselves situated.  It’s not important how we got into this situation but it is more important to take steps to resolve it.

The first of two VOTING meetings is:

MONDAY APRIL 23, 2018 between 10am and 8pm, will be to VOTE for the DEBT EXCLUSION

Of the upgrade costs to our Gilbertville Sewer plant. I would recommend you come and vote, This will enable the town to take a loan on the funds required to perform the upgrade and the possible outcome of not getting the current system up to par.  Here are some images I took of the Presentation, I did not get all, so there may be one or two missing MondayWithGilbertville.  However I will provide a link in the comment of this blog entry once I get a copy of the URL.

Here are the numbers shown tonight based on your vote of yes or no, I have added my bottom line from what I get out of this projection meeting.

a vote of YES a vote of NO
Est. Project Cost $6.93 Million $7.28 Million+
(Free Gov. Money towards cost)
$1.65 Million Not Available
Town Loan for Remainder $5.28 Million $7.28 Million+
Sewer Rate INCREASE $145 per EDU Enterprise fund collapsed
Property Tax Increase approx $38 per 100K home value $210 per 100K home value+
Potential Gov. Fines Reduce likelihood $90K per Quarter
Additional tax increase
of $159 per 100K home value
Town Implications Take control of our communities future Likely to accelerate into receivership by State
ALL PROPERTY TAX INCREASE $38 per 100K $369 per 100K
ALL PROPERTY SEWER INCREASE $145 per EDU Absorbed into Real Estate Taxes???

It was stated, the past 3 times this has been brought to a town vote, it has been voted down, I for one want to know the thoughts behind the reasoning to do so. Stay tuned as I still have more questions at the end.

If you would like to read more, I will be adding a link as a comment to presentation as soon as I receive a link, by the Town Selectmen’s  Information meeting (4/19/2018).

TUESDAY APRIL 24, 2018 Starts @ 6pm, QRSD School Committee Meeting

Here is what is on the School Committe Agenda for this week.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 25, 2018 @ 6pm, Quabbin Educational and Municipal Partnership Meeting

update on the CMRPC/MRPC and Community Compact Grant update 

THURSDAY APRIL 26, 2018 @ 6pm, will be to Special Town Meeting Held at Hardwick Elementary.

The next meeting is to see if the town will vote for these items, I am hoping for a big turn out and perhaps other ideas.

My thoughts, I would want to know what would the cost of a new site location, which can service the needs of Hardwick and the villages of, from a cost efficient distance from each other. Perhaps even a biofuel plant planned for future building in second or third phase of a project, next to it, thus turning the bio matter useful alternative energy.  I think we can even get into thinking about bio waste treatments, where plants help to remove the toxins the water, I have seen documentaries on this.  As a community we can even have the great opportunity for the School System incorporate courses of Bio engineering for Biofuels, using waste by-products and other water filtration systems, using plants or other organic organisms. Funds can be produced that can be fed back into the town to offset taxes.



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