It’s been a month…

Hello all, and I know it has been some time since I posted my last blog. Sorry about that, but I wonder what to write sometimes, I don’t want this to be about me and my experiences. I want it to be about you, the people and the community I serve, about the things that I can and have done for you.

So, a lot has happened between December 18th and today January 19th and it really has been a busy month, more so than I could have imagined, which is good but also makes me realize that my life will become very busy this year, you know when you can just feel it?  Anyways, let’s look at some of the things I have seen.

This post you will see links to forms to help support the Pro Musica group here in Quabbin Regional School District. Download them and send them back, activities are soon so enjoy them, great community bonding time.

I will be sharing some homes and land that are up for sale, by me and other members of Landmark REALTORS.

I have also been doing some revamping of my web page to help make it easier for people to get financing both down payment assistance as well as putting up a page of Mortgage lenders that I feel will work well for you.

And even some of my Favorite dishes to make that can be made for little money and guarantee good for you.

And there is a little bit here about what to do with leisure time, I have been playing a few games that take only minutes to play, and you don’t have to play it every day, check it out.

As you may know I posted a picture on my facebook page of a frozen spider, a clear sign of the cold weather and a leaky basement. Now I know that most basements are never used, and some are turned into great rooms for leisure and entertainment.

Community Events


Quabbin Pro Musica is sponsoring a dinner/dance event at the Harding Allen Estate, 59 Allen Drive in Barre MA Friday January 26th, tickets are only $25.00 per person. from 6pm until closing, Winter Wonderland Dance Tickets, must be in by January 23rd, NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR, come and dance all night.


During the month of March there will be a daily drawing done from the pool of participants who purchase a “March Madness Raffle Ticket” Stay tuned for more details.

Landmark Properties

Here is a lovely 2 story, 2 bedroom Condo in Ludlow Mass, just minutes from the Mass Pike and Springfield. Within walking distance of all kinds of amenities.  This Condominium has laundry room off of the kitchen, built in hutch Pergo flooring living room and dining room. with updated roof and vinyl siding and fences this is a must see for those looking to live in a condominium. Contact me if you are interested.



This 7 room, 4 bedroom Single Family Colonial is located in Springfield, and with this two car garage where you will house your vehicle, only moments away from 291, easy access to all points north south east or west. If you like to keep wine at a specific room temperature, perhaps this is a great basement to make into the finest wine cellar you can imagine.  If you have the patience, this home can be lived in as well Contact me if you are interested or would like some more details.



Buy your own piece
of Springfield

Build your own home to your specifications here in Springfield. City of Springfield states this piece of land is grandfathered in as a single family home. Quiet street with easy access to the city and its surrounding amenities.  This City approved  as 2 lots, of prime 6,400 sq.ft of land. Contact me if you are interested or would like some more details.

Wanting to build a home?

Looking for an already cleaned piece of land? Maybe a small business? Here is a 1.74 acre lot Residential/Business zoned, it is already cleared and leveled saving you $$ of dollars with its Artesian well, two bedroom septic tank already built, and 100 AMP electrical service already on the property.  Includes a spectacular view of a pond. Contact me if you are interested or would like some more details.


Financial Needs

Nice thing about being on the RAPV Community service Committee is you get to meet many wonderful people.  I was reviewing one of their sites from Mass Housing and found this great little bullet list of things to help you understand what it takes to buy a house. Mass Housing 10 steps to buying a house.  I however think that  doing steps 3 and 4 should be done even before steps 1 and 2, because knowing what you can and cannot do, is the first step to finding out what is needed in order to get the house of your dreams.

I have a link for Heidi-Jo from Fairway mortgage, she can help assist you in getting a mortgage.  Or, if you prefer to have someone closer to springfield send an email to Joshua Thielen with Top Flite Financials or Deborah Jordon of Wells Fargo, all of these advisors are top in their field, and can help you with your mortgage needs.

Last but not least you have probably noticed by now on my page there is a new tab “Down Payment Assistance”; This is a service provided for some home and is activated for some of the houses I was looking for for my clients through the MLS.  I figured I would pass this on to you, perhaps you too can benefit from this link.

Favorite Meals

Here is one meal I really like alot, and it is easy to make, just requires chicken, green beans and sweet potatoes. although some people don’t really care for green beans or sweet potatoes, I find that sauteing them in olive oil, yes olive oil with garlic, pepper and basil really makes them come out delicious.  One thing I also use with the chicken to give it a nutty flavor, is sesame oil.  As to the chili I made, the pot was emptied by my hungry children before I could get a good picture of it, fortunately the last bowl of it was saved, and it was served with gluten free crackers.

 Now I know this is not necessarily a fully Paleo friendly diet , but I find that sacrificing once and a while for the kids is great to do, I know my kids don’t always like to just eat meats, and if the veggies aren’t just right, well I am sure you know what happens there. Anyway, it’s winter time, and it requires extra energy, I know I do as I make a lot of heat trying to stay warm.  If you are interested in the recipes or want to contribute to the cause please drop me a line.



Playing a new game

How about playing Forge of Empires, its easy and doesn’t require a lot of your time to play, just once or twice a day, to help you unwind and mull over the days activities.

Are you good at Scrabble, or want to work to get better? Play Words with Friends, easy to do and you can do it when you have time, 5 minutes here, or there, great way to build up your vocabulary and learn how to strategically place pieces.


If you are looking for a home and you haven’t seen the right one, please contact me at or Click here to sign up with us and let us assist you in finding available properties within the MLS system. You can also fill out this short survey to let us know what you are looking for, click here to fill out a survey. Thank you for your time and good luck to you in finding the home that fits your needs.

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