Studying for my new beginning, my new career

Passing the test…

I did a wonderful 4 day course that helped me get acquainted with the real estate industry, mostly about the laws and the terminology that I will have to deal with. It was a frustrating but exciting experience, Baystate Academy gave me everything I needed to get started, they showed me what to study for, and how to study it, they went as far as to arrange the coverage of the material in a fashion that made more sense than reading cover to cover. Frankly I think the book should be re-ordered to be in the same way so when you pick it up and read from cover to cover you get the understanding in a progressive flow, not by category/Section by section. A great course and I highly recommend it.

Well that being said, a few days later I registered for my Exam, feeling pretty confident. I then started studying for my exam that Friday figuring I had 4 days to study, so I started by taking the practice test first just to see where I was, oh what a mess, I realized that I only absorbed 58% of the material covered by the training, That is pretty good, but I was thinking, not good enough, I need at least 70% to be able to pass the exam.  Needless to say, I started to go through all my notes and all my highlighted text, and sure enough all this information started flowing back into my brain. Great all is well, I am picking up the pieces and moving fast, good thing my test is on Tuesday.

Saturday evening approaches, and you know how you can put notifications on your calendar events so they will pop up and remind you of when you have things to do…say like tests?!!! BAM, 36 hours before my exam, the notice appears in front of my face, Real Estate EXAM MONDAY!!!!

Yes Monday, I was all panicking and freaking out over this, because I was expecting at least ONE more day of cramming before the exam. But I found this great little tool that helped me get over the panic Real Estate Exam for Dummies, which can be found in the google or apple app stores. I downloaded the app just to see what it was like, and it had this great section of Practice Questions. so I started going through each one of those once or twice and it was really good to see questions to information I already knew, so I started going through them one by one, it even allowed me to answer them before telling me I was right or wrong. I could even retake the section exam again.

During the next 16 hours, yes I did sleep, I went through several sections pertaining to mostly the job, and the laws surrounding Real Estate and Fair housing along with anything else that pertained to doing business with potential customers. I only scratched the surface learning only a fifth of the information and knowledge that was in this book, but in the sections I did cover, made me feel more confident about the answers I was going to give during the exam.  Real Estate Exam for Dummies has over 500 possible test questions, and a lot of other areas, such as Vocabulary and topics.

Having this on my phone allowed me to take this into the rest room with me, in the car I had my daughters read them to me, even while taking a shower I was continuing to study… It is now Monday morning, and I have my exam very soon, and I hate exams, never did well on tests, always better at practical applications. I get to the testing site and wouldn’t you know, the AC was out, a good sign for me, because it wasn’t that hot out and I dislike a cold breezes on my neck.

I walk out of the testing room and wait to be called up to for judgement.  They finally call me up, click a few buttons and say…. Congratulations you passed.  I was so relieved to hear it, I love the feeling when the weight of the world just lifts right off my shoulders.

As I look back, I am glad I took both the Course where I learned some sweet tricks, and downloaded the app to refreshed my memory with the questions, its not as easy as it seems but with perseverance and determination, you will accomplish anything.  Now all I have to do is remember my check book next time! (pay with a card, you won’t have as many problems), but that is a story for another day.


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